Liquid Crafts Aperitivo Walk

dan itibaren AUD 135,00 AU$
  • Süre: 195 Dakika (Tahmini)
  • Lokasyon: Melbourne, VIC

Flavours abound in this metropolis, the laneways evoke a bygone era of glamorous speakeasy's and elusive local haunts. This walking indulgence is an early evening stroll that includes all the things Melbourne loves, laneways, interesting architecture, some innovative design ideas, perhaps some art in the street, drinks matched with some interesting flavours, and a passion for all things local. 

Yes, wow, all in one tour, still leaving time for your evening to evolve after the tour.

Small groups join a local guide stopping at 3 venues specially reserved, and discover several more as they wind their way about the city center of Melbourne. 

  • Enjoy a flight of gin, whiskey or beer matched with some tasty savoury tapas style options.
  • Witness some impressive cocktail making ideas, and taste the result. 
  • All drinks are from local producers, and found enjoyed in hidden laneway haunts, or behind secretive doorways.
  • Your host expertly designs an experience that is ideal for locals and visitors with insights into the city's history of 180 years as well as the last decades too.
  • Start your night with a fun activity, and maybe find a new favourite drink along the way.
There are some smaller style food items along the way perfect if you are planning a late dinner, or wanting a light start to a bigger evening.

Be sure to know where else to go as you are supplied with a take home package of special offers and a personalised map.  There are quiet spots, rooftops, tiny spaces, and more.